Available in a number of sizes and FRAS. Protect hydraulic hoses from damage.
High quality protective wrapping for hydraulic hoses, cables and welding leads.
Protect from damage resulting from harsh environments, misuse and general wear/tear.
Suitable for all types of hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial hose assemblies.

The New Snake iT Website is Live!

The new Snake iT website order your products online!

The new Snake iT website is now live. It's an exciting development which will now allow our customers and clients to order directly online. Being the market leaders in spiral wrap we felt we needed a website to reflect that.

So please look around have a read and if you need any advice on spiral wrap for protection of hydraulic hoses then get in touch on 01206 329055 or email

Snake It Europe offers a range of high quality protective wrapping for hydraulic hoses, cables and welding leads etc... Snake It is a quick and easy to fit cost effective product that will minimise down time and production losses for any industry relying on hydraulic machinery.

The product is available in a number of sizes, colours and FRAS, and can be used for individual protection of hoses or for bunching together a number of hoses or cables. Once fitted, a hydraulic hose will be surrounded in protective wrapping made from a high density polyethylene.


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